Success Story – In for the Long Haul

Meet Justin W., Truck Driver –

 Justin has worked in several different industries during his working career, experience that includes as a machine operator in a factory, delivery driver, working in textile finishing and book printing.  His several jobs cover only a few years.  He worked steadily, but he wasn’t getting to where he needed to be.

Justin researched the cost of the truck driving program at Greenville Technical College, and knew that he would need some assistance paying for the program.  That’s when he had heard about the SC Works WorkLink WIOA program and decided to come to an Orientation to find out more about it.  He was enrolled into the WIOA program on July 5, 2016 and entered CDL training at Greenville Technical College in August 2016. By December, he completed training and had his CDL shortly thereafter.

Now, with CDL in hand, Justin is driving for G & P Trucking.  He told his Career Coach that he started there on February 1, 2017 and is driving around 1200 miles per week.  James is looking forward to a long career that will help him and his family get where they need to be.  As a bonus, he is doing something now that he truly loves to do.


Because Justin came through SCWorks and an approved WIOA Training Provider, Greenville Technical College, he can say, “I’m the next one!” Congratulations, Justin, on being the next one employed, the next one with a CDL License, and the next one to achieve your dreams!

To find out more about career pathways and how the SC Works WorkLink WIOA program can help you achieve success, call Steve at 1-864-643-0071 (TTY 711).

[Specific wage information for Justin has not been included in this success story. Typically truck driver’s with Justin’s level of education and relevant work experience can expect to make between $12.47/hour and $28.94/hour in South Carolina. Source:]


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