Meet Denise – Registered Nurse

DeniseBradyMeet Denise, Registered Nurse

Denise Brady was a high school dropout with her GED. Denise felt at the time work was more important than an education at that time in her life. She said she always admired nurses for their care and devotion toward their patients. After being married and having 2 children of her own, she realized just how important an education was. After being laid off from her previous employer in 2009, it struck her harder than ever that she needed an education for job security and wanted to show her children that an education was the key to a successful and prosperous life.

She was called back to Bosch in 2010 and was tempted to choose the easy road and give up on college to work and spend time with her family but she felt she worked too hard to throw it all away. She stayed at Tri-County Tech and worked to help support her family. Denise said it was not an easy road to get where she is today but thankful she did choose the path of becoming an RN. She graduated in May with high honors, passed her state board in 75 questions and immediately started looking for a job. On August 18, 2014 she was offered a job at Oconee Memorial Hospital. She loves being a nurse, she said she gave up a lot of time with her family to get where she is today but she said if she was offered this chance again she wouldn’t change a thing. Denise said the WIA program helped her throughout the process and transition to being a nurse and she would forever be thankful.

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