Meet Elizabeth – Billing and Coding Specialist

ElizabthElderingElizabeth stated that her barriers to employment were dealing with Depression, bad home life, and being displaced (Homeless) prior to her entry into WIA.

Elizabeth’s goals at enrollment were to complete her Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist training at TCTC.

Elizabeth passed her NHA Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist Exam on 05/14/2014. She completed her 225-hour Medical Billing/Electronic Health Records Specialist Certification on 04/21/2014.

Elizabeth stated that the training program will benefit participants. As long as you have the drive and ambition to succeed, you can do anything. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish great goals in life.

Career Coach met Elizabeth in Honea Path at the food bank. She was standing in line waiting to be served. Career Coach asked her to tell him a little about her story. She was recently unemployed and was at a very low place in her life at that time. Career Coach offered her advice to become a part of the WIA program that could help her to obtain full time sustainable employment and or training. Elizabeth had reservations about the program due to her life’s experiences. Elizabeth’s past employment was in medical transcription. After enrollment in the WIA program, Career Coach advised Elizabeth to upgrade her present skills in Electronic Health Records and Medical Billing. She was very successful in completing this course. She also was very diligent in her work and eagerness to complete the course ahead of time.

At this time, she is currently employed with Nuance Transcription Services. Since employment, she has been able to support herself with her needs. Elizabeth has met the nine-month retention measure for employment.

Elizabeth’s short-term plans are to be financially stable. She is also an Author of several books and really enjoys writing. Her plans for the future indeed have writing as a priority.

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