Increased Financial Resources for SC Businesses

South Carolina businesses will now be able to receive reimbursements of up to 90% of wages when they hire and train someone considered long-term unemployed. Approval has been given to offer On-the-Job-Training (OJT) reimbursements on a sliding scale based on how long the new hire was unemployed. Under a federal WIA waiver from the Department of Labor, SC employers will be eligible to receive the following amounts of wage reimbursements during new hire training periods.

-Up to 50% for someone who has been unemployed less than 16 weeks
-Up to 75% for someone who has been unemployed for 16 to 27 weeks
-Up to 90% for someone who has been unemployed for 28 weeks or more

Previous guidelines allowed up to 50 percent wage reimbursements for OJT. The expanded resources will be available to businesses statewide through June 2016. Taking advantage of OJT and this resource helps businesses by:

-Reducing the employers’ cost during the recruitment and hiring process
-Providing compensation for time spent training customized skill sets
-Tapping into a diverse population of talent
-Promoting community-minded values through hiring locally

To learn more about OJT opportunities for your business, contact the WorkLink Business Services Representative, Reneé Murdock, at, or at (864) 646-1468 (TTY:711).

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