“We appreciated the opportunity to set up a booth at the Job Fair held on March 22. Not only did we get 14 volunteer applications from this event, we also hired a PRN RN. We are very excited with all the wonderful contacts, and I look forward to the next event.”
– Solaris Hospice

“Since we have started this training we are already seeing potential new business in the automotive section. We have recently quoted two new washer systems with our current automotive customer and we have a very important audit next week with a huge automotive supplier that supplies parts to a local automotive manufacturer. This all stems from our training for TS certification. We see this as a huge opportunity to increase our business, which could ultimately lead to increase in employment for this area.”
– Parkway Products

“Our partnership continues to grow as our staff continues to grow to almost 200 at this time with another 20 new hires expected by the end of June 2010. Our success can be contributed to the professionalism, experience and dedication [the WIA and OneStop staff] brings to the table…. Not only have we placed 200 employees at our Anderson location, we have also promoted approximately 15 during this period. We look forward to our continued growth with the assistance of WIA, ReadySC and their staff to 300 associates within the next year.”
– Cross Country Home Services

Empleadores“I would like to take an opportunity to make it known that the folks at WorkLink have been a great help to us at Oconee Machine and Tool. With their gracious assistance, along with their friends at SCMEP, OMT has been able to receive vital training towards a good Quality Management System. It is our hope that once we have a QMS in place, it will spur additional sales to our machine shop. Additional sales equal additional machinist and toolmakers. I have and will continue to recommend Worklink to anyone seeking out a great resource to aid project implementation.”
– Oconee Machine and Tool

“We attribute a large amount of our success to the fact that we had an enormous amount of support in training from WorkLink, which has allowed us to be on a continuous improvement journey throughout all of our processes.”
– Kongsberg Automotive

“The employees we hired via WorkLink had a real desire to work. They took pride in their jobs and quickly took ownership of production and quality. We also have the highest retention rate for WorkLink employees than any other group in our facility.”
– Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co.

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