Funding Opportunities

WorkLink Funding Sources (Stephens Amendment)

WorkLink is funded by the Employment and Training Administration of the US Department of Labor. SC Department of Employment and Workforce serves as the pass-through agency for all local WIOA allocations. WorkLink also receives WIOA funding from the State Workforce Development Board through State Reserve initiatives. These funds are used to support employment and training activities authorized by the Workforce and Innovation Opportunity Act of 2014.

Request for Quotes/Proposals

WorkLink is a federally funded organization and is subject to procurement guidelines set forth by the State of South Carolina and our governing legislation, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014. Opportunities for Vendors and Services Providers to submit quotes and proposals will be posted here.

Become an Eligible Training Provider

Training Providers or Institutions of Higher Learning may receive reimbursement for WIOA eligible students.

In order to receive reimbursement, WIOA requires Training Providers submit an application for acceptance onto a State-wide list of certified Training Providers, referred to primarily as the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL), to the WorkLink Workforce Development Board.

Inclusion on the ETPL does not guarantee that a Training Provider will receive WIOA reimbursement of funds for all programs of study they offer. Limited availability of scholarship funding, cost of the program of study, a student’s participation in the WIOA program prior to beginning their training, and whether or not the programs lead to a nationally recognized credential in an in-demand occupation, all play a factor into whether or not a Training Provider will be able to receive reimbursement for student’s training costs.

If you are a training provider interested in finding out if you can be included on the ETPL for the WorkLink area, please visit the Palmetto Academic and Training Hub’s website, or contact Windy Graham at or at (864) 646-1826.

Apply for Incumbent Worker Training Grants

View Current IWT Applications

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) provides resources for businesses to train currently employed workers in an effort to keep businesses and workers competitive. IWT funds training needed in current businesses due to expansion, new technology, retooling, new services/product lines and new organizational structuring or as part of a layoff aversion strategy. IWT may also fund training in new businesses if those jobs are ineligible for assistance through readySC™. However, there will be a waiting period of 120 days for new or expanding businesses that displaced workers elsewhere in the United States.

Businesses that have at least one full-time employee and are current on all state tax obligations can receive reimbursements for training expenses ranging from basic academic skills to company-specific skills and industry certifications.

WorkLink solicits applications annually. Please check back here to find out about current solicitations.

To learn more about the IWT Program or to inquire if WorkLink is currently accepting IWT Applications, contact Meredith Durham at (864) 646-1515.

Scholarship Opportunities

If you are interested in scholarship opportunities, please contact the SC Works WIOA program, serving adults 18 and older, at (864) 722-9275, or the Palmetto Youth Connections Program, serving youth 17-24 year olds, at (864) 633-6354.

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