Adolescent Mother Achieves Dream of Honor Grad

stormie mooreWe were pleased to have Ms. Moore attend the October 30 Board meeting to share her story with the Board Members about how Palmetto Youth Connections (PYC) helped her.

Ms. Moore was enrolled in PYC in 2008 as an adolescent mother.  Her goal was to avoid ever becoming a statistic so she enrolled in Adult Education & the Family Literacy Program to take GED classes and get credit for attending school until she was 17.  She was flabbergasted and alarmed when she received the news that she had received a seat in the class.  It was there that Ms. Moore met PYC Career Coach Christina Cobb who explained the PYC program and how it could help her.

First on the agenda, was to receive her GED.  Ms. Moore crossed that off of her list in October 2008 and quickly moved to receiving her nurse aide certificate in November.  She also enrolled in a medical terminology and phlebotomy class. Ms. Moore also participated in the summer work program through PYC that allowed her to develop work skills and professional communication techniques.  She also completed a work experience through PYC at the Pickens Adult Ed Learning Center.  Soon after she completed her work experience she received an interview and a job as a CNA!

After starting her job, Ms. Moore set her goals a little higher and enrolled in Tri-County Technical College’s nursing program.  Since then, she has been on the Dean’s List, President’s List, National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa, and is scheduled to graduate in May 2014 with honors.

Ms. Moore stated that her hopes are that she has been able to prove that not everyone has to be a tally mark on a chart somewhere just because they hit a bump in the road.

Stormie has recently obtained full time employment with Heartland Healthcare in Greenville and is currently serving on the WorkLink Youth Council as a PYC former youth participant.

Congratulations to Ms. Moore for her accomplishments thus far and we wish her the best of luck in the future!

Read more about Stormie on the Tri-County Technical College website:

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