Participates in Work Experience Program

Hello Eckerd Connects/Palmetto Youth Connections (PYC),

When I went to Adult Ed, honestly, I didn’t think I would stay. I thought the test would be too hard for me to pass it. However, with all of the teachers’ help, I was able to pass each test with flying colors and attain my GED. One of my biggest barriers to attain my GED was transportation. It was hard for me to get to class and I was always stressed out about missing my classes, but especially my tests. Now that I have my GED, it is easier for me to get a better job because employers don’t just see me as a high school drop-out. It has given me more confidence to pursue things that will better my future.

I am currently doing work experience at Pelzer Adult Ed as part of the Eckerd Connects/Palmetto Youth Connections (PYC) WIOA program. This experience is giving me the opportunity to earn extra money while learning different skills. I am learning how to work together as a team which will be so beneficial for any career I pursue.

I would love to pursue a degree and become a Veterinary Technician. After this, I want to pursue a four year degree while working full time as a Veterinary Tech.

I am so thankful for all of the assistance I received from Eckerd Connects/Palmetto Youth Connections (PYC). The GED test is so expensive which was a huge barrier for me to come back to school. Eckerd Connects/Palmetto Youth Connections (PYC) not only paid for my tests and gave me an incentive once I finished, they have encouraged me along the way. They gave me the opportunity to participate in the Work Experience Program. I received the training needed to pursue this experience along with future employment. I am so thankful for all of the people at Adult Ed and Eckerd Connects/Palmetto Youth Connections (PYC).

Sincerely, Elizabeth Chandler

American Job Center