Caswanna Tucker

Caswanna transferred to the WorkLink area from the Waccamaw area as an enrolled WIOA participant.  She enrolled in the WIOA program at the age of 18, completed her education and participated in work experience at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse commission in the Waccamaw area.  She transferred to the WorkLink area to attend Clemson University as the work experience developed her interest in public service and she decided to pursue a degree in social work.

WorkLink accepted Caswanna as a transfer and helped her continue to pursue her goal of attending Clemson University.  While in the WorkLink WIOA program, she participated in employability classes and was placed in a work experience at the Department of Social Services.  This work experience was in line with her goal to obtain a degree in social work and gave her the hands-on experience to solidify her career goals.

After graduating from Clemson University, Caswanna obtained employment in the Behavior Health industry and continues to work in the public service sector today.  Caswanna states that the WIOA program helped her become what she is today; a public servant who is proud to help others.

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